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Hello, I'm Tyro!

I'm Tyro!

I've heard that you want to know me a little. You are awesome!

Well, I am an happy Tyrannosaurus Rex that lives joyfully in your day and age. How I got here I don't know. That is a complete mystery. The only thing I remember is to go to bed, after a quite delicious dinner I might add, and BAM, here I am in the XXI century!

I am quite a jumpy dinosaur and I love to do stuff, a lot! Can't do the same thing for too long or I get bored. Some might say I am even becoming a kind of a geek too. Who isn't when you guys have so many ways to have fun and have so many different stuff to have fun with?

As you can imagine, I have a lot of adventures! Well... Some of them could maybe be called misadventures, but it's fun anyway and I'll love to share them with you!

Visit me once in a while. You'll see I am full of surprises! If you want, you can also follow me in the "social network thingy things" you guys invented. Check them out in my home page!

See you later!

Welcome to my website!
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